Monday, December 31, 2012

Lego Friends party by KINDERPLAYS

I don't know why it seems I have abandoned my blog, but it is always in my mind to keep posting a new and more inspiring party. I couldn't excuse myself but it seems God has been so kind to me, giving more opportunity to teach and making party for adorable people. And thus the rest of the time I strive to be with my kids. I know it sounds like I am giving them the 'left over' and that is not the case. Everyday I make sure to say and make them feel that I luv them.  This party is for my daughter 6th birthday, and I am breaking the rule to do the copyrighted image as a theme. Well, as long as I can make my own twists that's fine:) 
I remembered when I played Lego with sister. And now, I am playing Lego with my daughter. How I describe my daughter? she is very creative,  has a good taste, somewhat stubborn and determined. She is also can memorized lots of things. She is the one who always remembered the parking lot (that's why I like valet) and she knew... she knew that dessert table is very important to me.
So she decided to invite her close friends and celebrate it at home.The theme was Lego friends because it was girly but not princessy, and as far as I am googling, no one has ever done it before:) I was inspired by Lego friends Stephanie plane. She bought this few months back and I just like the colours
image from here

As often, I used range of pastel colours, soft pink, purple and teal. a touch of green. I think she like it and her friends couldn't wait to eat the desserts.

 Ice cream is not suitable in my dessert table, so I just use the cone and fill them with marshmallow  
At home I am practising some baking and decorating, and I like to play with sugar paste. 

She is growing up so fast, and she would become a teen in a blink of an eye, I believe... 


rani wiratmadja said...

Mbak....aku penggemarmu,lho...hehehe
mo nanya cakepopnya bikin sendiri atau pesen ya? aku liat kdg ada oreo dicelup jg ya...iiii,seru...

Junita said...

Thank you, Rani. cake pops KINDERPLAYS saat ini masih bekerja sama dengan vendor. Oreo yang dicelup coklat saya buat sendiri:)