Monday, September 3, 2012

bubble carnival party by Kinderplays

It's time to celebrate my dearest son's birthday! For a boy on his age, he likes batman and spiderman of course, but Unless batman wearing chevron or polkadot, i just don't like to see them on my dessert table:). so then we dig, and came up with the medieval knight. But it was very hard for me to get the props to support this idea, so I proposed something that me and my children like to play. Bubbles! He agreed in an instant. So I started to buy lots and lots of bubbles because bubble station is a must. Honestly this bubble idea is too simple, so then one night I came up with bubble carnival theme. It is not a circus, but more like a carnival games that filled with bubbles in the air. Having all the excitement with this idea, I couldn't stop thinking all the crafting, designs and colors. No matter how simple I want to make this party, there is always more ideas popping. can't stop them...

On the Invitation I clipped the bubble wand together with the photobooth voucher. I think this create an attraction because I heard from the mothers the kids begging to come:) 

This time since Pasha now is in school, I only invite his classmate and the orphans. All I wish he could be more confident and play with his friends. he is having difficulties to mingle in a class. I am so thankful that the classmates and their lovely moms were able to support by coming to his birthday. His teacher said he is having a huge improvement!!

 And with the orphans, I wanted my kids to stay as close as they can with them. I sort of wish if my kids grew up they would be sensitive with those people in needs, and will help them to create a better life. *amiiin* 

I am not really into baking, but fondant has always make me curious. Their characteristics are much like play dough, but I get to drop colors that I like
The result was way from perfect but I have some sort of satisfaction. 

I put the bubble station in the garage, and kids could play with them as much as they like

The photobooth is one of the main attraction since kids can use KINDERPLAYS props and get a photoshoot


This is the latest collection  

This one is the dessert table. I didn't put a lot of effort in it but glad some of the ideas came in the last minute
I bought a plain carrot cake but me and mba Lusmi add more decoration. I can't believe after all these years she is still KINDERPLAYS' fairy godmother...



I try to put many element of festive carnival without being too obvious. The viewer doesn't need to see it directly because I want them to feel it...
  I put a sign 
in a middle of an entrance so the guests wouldn't miss the house!

Some last minute crafting I did, I was indoubt whether I should or shouldn't do it, but I think it give a nice touch on the front door. It takes about two hours

Another time consuming but worth the effort is painting these bricks

I also made this splash away game with sterofoam, tee and ping pong ball. Borrowed my brother's water gun
Some others like ten pin bowling, Ring toss create the carnival ambience to Pasha's Birthday
As I have expected, kids always excited with bubbles. they continued to plays even after the party was over
The painted bricks and that pool supposed to be a carnival game called ducks in a pond but somehow they ducks were to shy I have no idea why they pose like that...
Some other games for children to play with!   


Lutfi Fadhila said...

happy birthday to your son! :)

Party Princess said...

Wow this is really so cute :) it looks so much fun with kids isn't it :)

anastasia said...

Nice works! Kalau boleh tau, beli popcorn boxnya dimana ya? Thanks a bunch

Junita said...

Hi Anastasia, popcornnya custom design:)