Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cath Kidston inspired

any of you who wants to see my latest projects can follow my instagram @kinderplays, I have found new interest at it. Some of you asked me whether I am still in party planning business? sure! I just have to reduce the order a bit, because I promise to make more time for my children. The up coming project is Cath Kidston, and to give me a challenge, this dessert table is for tedak sinten, a traditional Javanese ceremony. How can a British whimsical pattern blend into Javanese ritual of stepping foot on earth ceremony? Here are some inspirations:

some of the sources lost on track, if the owner or any of my readers knows the link, do let me know...

And here some inspiration for tedak sinter. I am not a javanese so I also have to do my homework:) here are some info that may help you to understand 


ella said...

keren dan lucu banget cupcake nya... simpel tapi menarik

andriani retno said...

halo mbak junita :)
wow penasaran postingan tedak sintennya deh dibalut kain2 cath kidston lucu itu :) . biasanya lihat tedak sinten bernuansa batik aja :))

Junita said...

Thank you, Ella.
Untuk mba Adriani, bagaimana dengan hasilnya? udah liat posting terbaru? :)