Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monkey party by KINDERPLAYS

Honestly, I never thought having a monkey theme can be this fun! The vibrant colors and pom poms was exactly how I wanted to be. At first I thought about monkey's personalities. Here are some fun facts about monkey:
-they live in the jungle (so outdoor would be perfect)
-monkeys are sneaky but have feelings like human (love, fear, compassion and hate)
-monkey like to help each other and like to hold hands with their mate (how sweet)

so I decided to make a character out of it:) cute but have to be a little naughty, swinging here and there with its little friends.

Here are the tablescape, and Mrs Andrilia has been very sweet to me yes I have to mention this:)


Anonymous said...

Salam kenal mbak Junita, suka sekali dengan tema kali ini karena warnanya memang warna favorite. Kalau boleh tahu persiapan untuk satu party kira-kira berapa lama mbak? :)

Junita said...

Salam kenal juga:) biasanya persiapannya sebulan:)

jogara jumawan said...

wow. so very beautiful birthday party! very inspiring :)
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