Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fireman party

I am so glad that my idea of not using copyrighted image is accepted. It challenges creativity and creates a unique concept. But hey, customers are my best friends so what they like are my first priority;) Fireman party was supposed to be fireman Sam party for Xavier (I like this name a lot)

 These are the printables/labels. Kinderplay printables/label package includes invites, topper, bunting, mineral water label and more depend on the need of the theme. And you can use the theme that we already have (cheaper of course)

What's on dessert table?
Again and again Ken and Kay's love this always get the credit for the real sweetness on the dessert table:)

I have never met Wulan, but she sure is a talented woman. if you are looking for birthday cake, you can click here. I like the fire effect on the cake:)
The cookies by Ken and Kay love this are so special that again, made me want to 'talk to them' and say,'sorry, but they have to eat you to make you special..."

The bite size cake pops were quite stunning in the corner also by ken and kay love this. I made the stand  and I like how my creativity works in the last minute. It takes only 7minutes to make and it looks neat.

The topper looks cool too, thanks to Darina Danil for borrowing the punchers

My father's hobby was to criticize me (but I know deep inside he was proud of me, ha ha ha, *ngarep*). Although I must say, his inputs often give great results.  I added two tables on both sides of dessert table and so true it looked good. 

The Dessert table and Drink station


The Activities
The children had two activities: playing puzzle or paintings.

I was lacked of helpers, my assistant got sick and my driver was unavailable. Room for improvement: never underestimate distant and helpers. Two, never overestimate myself, ha ha ha! 
The table setting

This is a very simple table setting but hopefully work well with the theme. At least the colour did;)

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