Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wizard of Oz

I wasn't sure Kim would let me feature her Wizard of Oz themed party, but this morning I received her mail and she let me! Thank you very MUCH! Kim from The TomKat studio is such an inspirational figure to me. And in this theme, she teamed up with Kate landers from Kate Landers Event LLC, another talented party planner (she featured my Robot party in her party blog, Stylish Children's Parties). And when two talented people worked together, this is the result:

Everything was so perfect I see no room for improvement

Don't you want to make your little girl wearing this gingham apron?

For those of you who hasn't heard about Wizard of Oz, it was a classic movie back in 1939 and I will post another article just to recap the story (because I was inspired by The Wicked, the witch from the West)

Dorothy and friends have to follow yellow brick road to find Wizard of Oz in Emerald City. They need courage for the Lion, a heart for the Tin man, a brain for the Scarecrow and home for Dorothy

At the end, Glinda (the witch from the North) told her to tap her shoe three times and said,
"There's no place like home!"

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