Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yuara's Pirates Party

Now, I am featuring Amesh's work for his child Yuara. She is a crafty mom who has a vintage touch on most of her works. In her blog you'll see her creations, using patches techniques with great colors, and you must see her sofa. I am dreaming to have one of them one day. Very authentic; click here if you want to know, and you'll be soon a follower. I knew her blog from the famous blogger Darina Danil ;), who happens to be more party hopper than I do. So no surprise if I got so excited to feature these pictures. Take a deep breath...
Handmade pinata

Now you believe me!


amesh said...

ah so sweet of you.. thanks for featuring me :)

Chika said...

Suka banget sama bentuk pinatanya. Super cool!!!