Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good news in the morning!

Tell me, do you like feeling fresh waking up in the morning and then good news start coming? I don't even know which one I want to say first, both news made me thrilled! So I decide, first in first out! 
1. Do you know Mamma Kanin? Mamma Kanin gives your baby homemade and fresh food. I knew Mamma Kanin from theUrbanmama, and now Mamma Kanin is one of Kinderplays partners!
I got orders for First Birthdays so I was thinking, why not offer them healthy food? Usually if we held a party at fast food or adult restaurant, they don't have baby menu. They do have Kids menu, though. So if some of the guesses are still under one year old, the host can write on the invitation that menu for babies avalaible too! so I guess' parents will be happy! Aww, I like making people happy! And I made time to go to Bintaro one day to buy and tasted the food myself, I like it! I like the awroot and cheese bliss the most (can be consumed 8+) they have no sugar, no salt, or any preservatives and the made from organic egg yolk, cheddar cheese, unsalted butter and wheat flour. I ate the steak, it was yummy. Next day I ate all of their product and my headache was gone! So people, if you want to celebrate party, and babies included, no doubt, you should consider mamma Kanin! 

2. The next good news I got was when I was chatting with Laure, from http://sweetgirlymommy.com/. I featured two of her parties on Kinderplays. she asked me, no I'll quote, she said,"would you like to be my Indonesian judge for the next sweet table contest?" and for a minute I felt like a balloon start to get a grip. my knees were shaking. She also said," I've notices you've had many featuring which is far enough to be part of the jury board !!!"
She is just too sweet! Do you know who were the judges from US on the last contest??

Amy Atlas of Amy Atlas Events (Chief)
Jenn of Hostess with the Mostess
Kim of TomKat Studio
Kate of Kate Landers Events are just some of them

and also there are many professionals from Europe:
Cristina of Nice Party (Spain)
Sofia of Brancoprata (Portugal)
Laura of Tren Di Nozze (Italy)
Linda of Holy Sweet (Sweden)
Manuela of Passion 4 Baking (Norway)
Simone of Ladies and Babies (Germany)
How does it feels if I add Indonesian on list? Well I really have to calm myself and wish this is really for real!



sukma said...

wooow!!!congrats Junita! proud of you! :)

Balloons said...

hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

moshe things said...

Wow... selamat ya Junita. You deserve it!!!