Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Moroccan Inspired Table Setting for Hari Raya

Well it’s officially my first post here as I have decided to join Kinderplays with Mba Junita, and we are so thrilled to expand this party planning business into broader market which will include table setting for bridal shower or baby shower. Design and décor have always been my passion since I was in college until now. So I’m glad I was given this opportunity by Kinderplays, one of the pioneer in this business.

Okay I assume that’s enough for my short introduction. ;) Now I want to talk more about the inspiration for Lebaran table setting. Perhaps some of you are keen to celebrate Hari Raya in a unique way by adapting Moroccan style to the dining table, not just a classic white and green. I love how the bright colors and rich patterns are tied together in this theme. Fuchsia, orange, and gold are not common combination you can find everyday. But Camille Styles and her team were able to establish a stunningly harmonious setting. Low dining table made from an old door and vintage bed posts creates a less-formal ambience so family can lounge around during or after the meal. They also substitute the dining chair with floor cushions. Have a look at their amazing work. Pictures courtesy of She-n-He.

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