Monday, February 11, 2013

Cath Kidston dessert table by KINDERPLAYS

Now tell me... who doesn't like Cath Kidston, and her soft but whimsical design that look somewhat nostalgic but with the modern feeling? It is fun although not easy to recreate that mood on my dessert table. 
Mba Nasta, my client, always gives me something fun to work on...
I add details such as bunting on the box and cookies with edible images. Fun fun fun!

And by the way, this is for tedak siti (step foot on earth) ceremony so i blended the traditional ritual into my dessert table, only for a symbol and twist. They should be 7colors of glutinous rice which represent the obstacle in life. I arranged coloured rice on a shot glass. 
 I even made a small ladder from toothpick resembling the ladder that made from sugar cane (aka Tebu) which is also part of the ritual...

one of my favourite of the ritual is when the baby was guided to enter the decorated cock's cage. My version is the bird cage that I fill in some of the items like gold coins(wealth), injection (she could a doctor one day) and chairs (well, I wish she could own a cafe)

I should put more items on this cage 

This is how I mix the cath kidston pattern with our traditional fabric
I just enjoyed putting everything in it.

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