Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beach party by KINDERPLAYS

This has been a real hectic month but I am really glad that all of my customers were satisfied. I adore all of my customers! Mba Enond is my client for this Beach project. I never met her until the actual day and she was as lovely as her writings. Although, there was one time I was so pressured by her comment") she wrote "can't wait nih lihat hsl karya mba jun yg dahsyat katanya:)"  whoaaa....
Bagus is a compliment, but dahsyat is a word of pressure! I strive to work harder and push my creative button to its limit! this is my last order for May's dessert table, so I tried to have that victory touch on my table. Here, I combined tools for beach activities with my dessert to create a whole story in a square!

This is actually a candle holder I bought from an exhibition

These are macarons pops with stick of sea shells

Here I am, again playing with my kid's toys to create an element of the beach. How can you play in the sand without this hoe?

A touch of pinwheel to add a feeling of a breeze

I enjoyed so much working on this table, and even one guest make a comment," you should have a sense to create this table..." It is true... you cannot just put pretty dessert on a pretty plate, you have to create a message on each details so then people will notice the story behind it...

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