Tuesday, June 14, 2011

KINDERPLAYS' Baby Shower service

KINDERPLAYS offers Baby Shower party service celebrating a new member of your family, pampering a mom-to-be and her friends. This will be an event for moms to mingle during their pregnancy, release tension, and shower their much awaited baby with cute gifts. Perhaps pregnant moms also want to pamper herself and close friends with massages in a relaxing atmosphere and dessert table on the side, or having party at the restaurant with professionals who are ready to entertain you and your guests, close family with fun games. Each guest will have sweet treats and souvenirs

Baby shower is a celebration of pregnancy or when held after the birth of the baby, served as the reason for family members, friends and relatives to welcome the newborn. In Indonesia, a similar celebration known as aqiqah or manyue which also served as a religious and traditional ritual of certain cultures or religions.

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 So, whether it's for religious reasons or to get together to meet friends and family to welcome the newcomer, baby shower is fun!

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