Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby shower: Princess in pink

Just few days ago I posted about baby shower, so I got so excited to see one of my sweet friend already made one before me, thanks a lot for your submission Anggi! click here for a full story. She served Lasagna,BBQ Chicken Wings, Caesar Salad, fried mushroom  dan French Fries Cajun dips. And for the drink she served Strawberry Lemonade


Anggi Karimuddin said...

Aaaaah.. di feature Junita.. aku geer sampai ke langit ketujuuuh.. :D
Thanks ya dear.. :-* *langsungpasangbuttonnyadiblog* :D

Junita said...

cute and girly party, Anggi! sweetly done:) can't wait to see more of your darling works!