Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wild wild West party

The first cowboy party feature is from Aiden's birthday, created by her talented mom, Helen, click here. And the party was captured perfectly by Catherine Tang Photography, click here. What makes me so excited is the party favor:

"For party favors, I wanted to make sure all the little kids would look like cute cowboys and cowgirls. I purchased fake mustaches, bandanas, sheriff badges, and hats from Oriental Trading. Because I’m an organize freak, I made sure these items (minus the hats) were package nicely for each kid. I placed all the items in a lunch bag and placed a nice “Thank You” tag on the outside of it (which I printed). Each kid giddy up’d with their very own pony on a stick that was purchased from Joissu. I ended up paying more for the ponies because my guest list changed. I wanted to make sure each child received one. In addition, each kid got their very own pet cow walking balloon.

Besides this, each kid received a ticket to board the Zoomars mini-train, pony ride and a basket of carrots or pellet cone to feed the animals.  I’m sure it was heaven for all the little ones."

What do you think? 

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