Friday, May 6, 2011

DIY : Paper boat origami

Remember the sailor party I featured recently? The sailor hat was actually  something that you can buy in bakery supply store, but remember the floating boat that was hang on the ceiling?  click here. Felice was so kind, she shared her origami boat in easy step by step picture if you want to see her blog  click here. This is such a sweet reminder!

Here it is:

"What you need is a A4/ HVS piece of paper. or for cuter one, you can also do with your unused newspaper!
STEP 1: Fold a piece of paper in half, top to bottom

STEP 2: Fold the top, creased corners down into the middle of the paper

STEP 3: Fold the bottom of the paper up against both sides

Now it's forming a triangle

STEP 4: Get the corners to meet, forming a square

STEP 5: Hold it with the flaps down and fold the corners into the top point

STEP 6: Meet the right and left point and forming into square

STEP 7: Pull the middle out to form a square

Tadaa, those opened wings forming a boat

Look at the bottom side

Give a room on that

Tape the string on the ceiling and let the boats floating in the air!"

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