Wednesday, April 20, 2011

whimsical mod party

I just heart the paisley pink backdrop that frame the table beautifully. Ellen made this for Dol celebration. Dol is  a Korean tradition that celebrates the first birthday. It is a big milestone (long ago many babies didn't make it to their first birthday) and is celebrated with a huge party called the doljanchi, sharing food and wishes for a long life and fortune for the baby. The highlight of the party is a ritual where the child is placed in front of a table of foods and objects such as string, books, money and rice. The child is urged to pick up an object and is believed that the object picked will foretell the child's future. For example, if the child picks up a book, she is destined to be a scholar. If she picks up money, she will be wealthy.If the baby picks up thread, she will have a long life and if she picks the bowl of rice she will have an abundant life.  So there's your lesson on some Korean culture!'

Wow now I don't get only nice pictures, but lesson about different culture. I like differences that creates harmony in life:). Anyway, she is a very talented mom, click here for more

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