Thursday, April 21, 2011

friendship has no price tag

Some friendship can be truly pure and sweet. I knew sis Lusmi, aka my Bakerella shortly after I started my business. She wanted to help me making cookies for my son's birthday followed by my daughter's. Her works touches me so often that there is this moment before I open the cookie boxes, I hold my breath, and...magic! I always feel the passion on her works. I can feel that the little faces on the cookies is smiling at me I swear! 

Friendship do not have price tag in it. Especially this one:) actually you are too precious to let go but want to devote your life to your family and I would not be the one against it. That is too sacred:p here are some of your works that I will always remember...

This is where we start

 This is the journey...

Well, take care Ken and Kay they are like my children too. Nothing can ever replace your kindness. Happy Kartini Day and wish you always always remember KINDERPLAYS. it is yours too:)


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