Thursday, March 31, 2011

My good friend

I was heartbroken when my Bakerella said,
"Congratulation on kinderplays' partners yg sudah mantap2 ya (ngacungin jempol).Maybe it is time to let my baby walk.. :_)
Sekali2 kunjungi aku ya :)"


She is a mother of two. A devoted wife and mother, her creations were part of her hobby. I admire her works and personality and we became good friends. When I planned to throw a party for orphanage, she already gave whatever she earned for charity. I remember when I invited a free event for mom and kids, she donated cupcakes. And from then I started to order cookies and cupcakes from her, because I heart homemade foods. She chooses the ingredients carefully. I am so fortunate to meet her. And I never believe in coincidences. I knew God always give good friend for those who crave for sincere friendship:) which is why we met. If you think the orders overload, we think something else. but I won't let you go because I don't want to lose that personal touch. Because you are part of KINDERPLAYS. because you are KINDERPLAYS *hugs* please never let me walk alone, it's a jungle out there, hi hi hi!


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