Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The kind of brand I can lick

I try not to use fake, as I know how hard it is for the designer to create a masterpiece. And to know the next morning the masterpiece was copied  by someoneelse, I can understand how it feels.

The ideas, and hardwork for months easily copied by someone. I buy original. If  I can only afford Gu*ss, M*ngo, *ara, than there the places I look for brands. I remember I used my savings for Prada sport bag in 1990s and how fashionable I thought I was. Well, 1990s was the decade where brand/label replace the content, when it was about wearing the right brand for a product. But.....capek deeh! sekarang udah punya anak, udah ga mikir lagi yang kayak gitu. So what I can do now probably lick these:)

So sweet:) or bite these!

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