Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's ruffle party

I think my family got hooked with dessert table;) my father's birthday was on February 13, and he asked me about the theme I was working on for his birthday. To make a long story short, I used my wedding anniversary Ruffle theme for his birthday and valentine. I knew his taste and this suit him best. He likes strong colors. Here we go....
I used polka dots and stripes patterns on this dessert table, and I was inspired by this ruffle wreath I hung on the center. Then I ordered another two ruffled balls to balance the table click here for tutorial
And next I was a bit lost with the cupcakes idea until I found this blog called Jessicakes via tomkats studio. click here for her beautiful tutorial

The cute printables I ordered from Paper dazz. I add his granchildren's name on the toppers. Cake was made by Ken and Kay's mom, a wonderful woman I have been working with. I think a woman should have a friend like her. At least one:)

Since my parents have grandchildren, we- the children are less important. ha ha ha!

I ordered plain cookies (and so delicious) with heart shaped and round. My children so excited when I asked them to decorate the cookies for their favorite Gran pa
 Look how serious...
 The old and the beard also excited (that's my brother)

 The result was nothing less than special. 

 Granchildren in red!

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darina danil said...

Thk for ordering paper dazz ya.. numpang ijin copy fotonya yah jun.. thk uuuuu..