Monday, February 14, 2011

French Botanical Party

I can't tell you how I have waited for Buding's mail. I wish she will give me a permission to feature Arie's first birthday party. Arie's is her daughter and this party was located in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. So tonight when she replied my letter with words that is just too sweet, I am dancing with my kids like Madhatter's Futterwacken style, ha ha ha!
  Her party was astonishing, truly original and I luv the idea of hanging the baby's clothing above the table and seeing how she has grown in size:) I like the way she put the fabric swatches like bunting or on chairs. It gives nice accent to the party. The perfect styling and photography is like a feast to my eyes. And you can click here to see more pictures!

Let's enjoy...

I wish to see another great picture for this year's birthday, Ms. Buding. Certainly it will be a great joy!


Anonymous said...

this is very unique.. there's an asian touch somehow.. like this a lot.

Leidi said...

So...beautiful party