Monday, January 10, 2011

Bow Party

A friend I found today's from France, and she has passion for Sweet table, or Dessert table as we knew it. Click here. She is a sweet person who want to please Indonesian mommies, and she let me choose any party or video to share with you. So first I choose this Bow party, because...who doesn't like pastels?
I just went 'waaw' to see this Dessert table

Bows in cake, cupcakes, tiers...

And the table setting is too sweet, I have to pinch myself many times

Look at the Popcorn bag!

I wish I had the missing piece:D

Now you wouldn't be tempted?? I will definitely show you more of her work, be patient!


Sweet Batik said...

This is just so adorable! I love ribbon & pastel colors, well I like bright colors as well. Thank you for featured her, Junita. Can't wait to see more of her creation..

Dina @

Junita said...

Her other creation I posted a day after, the Xmas dessert table. Enjoy!