Friday, December 17, 2010

Owl Party

I want you all to see this very cute Owl DIY, and of course in addition to that we have the cutest owl cake and birthday girl! Tq Ashlee, can not wait to see more of your parties! If you want to see more, click here! Ashlee gives you the tutorial too,in here
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How cute are they?! I wish one fly to my mail box :P Waaiiitt, you have got to see the birthday cake! Now, what do you think??

And the little Birthday girl, make sure that every guest has the owl cookies

I am sitting here, biting my finger, Wish the coffee next to me has one of this pieces


linasaja said...

so cute!! i like the idea.. the owl seems pretty here ;)

Sari Sulistiyo said...

I love owl..klo nanti punya anak,pengen ah bikin owl party kyk gini..hihi..
salam kenal y mbak..aku suka blognya,,I'm just following ^^

Junita said...

Silahkan mampir :)

beezeason florist said...

huaaa.... this is too cute!!! I'm drooling now... those cookies are BIG & looks yummy!
I wish I got a slice of the cake too :p