Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Dessert Table

Holiday Dessert Table

Everyone is starting their holiday mood. So am I :) and party planning mode ON... Like I said before, I want to see Christmas in different Color theme. So I give an oriental twist. Japanese style...Where I actually want to celebrate Mother's day and Christmas

I am playing with ribbons, lots of them. I like the way it moves when the wind blows. Tutorial will be posted soon

Kimono cookies
And a Christmas touch
This is Temari, a japanese homemade  play ball. A mom usually made one for her child

I heart this

Another Christmas element

I am playing with ribbon accent here and there

Mother's silhouette

For my children's corner, I add Cookies and milk station

Have a great holiday to all of you!


~ Anthie Bubun si Olel~ said...

Huaaaa lucu banget,,, Me Like it
ini acara apaan Mba Jun
*kriuk...kriuukkkk* lapeeer

Junita said...

Acara Mother's day and Christmas special, tapi nyari tema netral hi hi hi, tq bubun Olel:D

Anonymous said...

cupcakesnya bener2 keren spt biasanya.. juntaian pita itu unik blm pernah liat di themed party lainnya.. khas kinderplays yah?
makin keren n sll beda dr pesta2 sebelumnya n pesta2 lainnya.

Sweet Batik said...

Salam kenal. What a beautiful decorations you made. Sangat berbakat!

Dina @ htpp://

Junita said...

tq mba, sekedar mengeluarkan inspirasi:)

darina danil said...


details bgt, kimono kukis, background nya cantik bgt warnanya.