Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fairy Princess party

A Fairy Princess Party 

This is Rania's Fourth Birthday party. She asked for a wing and a tiara. 
Here we go...

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This party also part of a teamwork. Special thanks to:

Ilumotto Photography
Lusmi from Ken and Kay love cakes
Crea from Felticious KreasiCrea

Thank you, without you this party wouldn't be so memorable

Venue: Martabak House

These are the fairies who look after the dessert table

The Dessert table

We provided a pillow made of marshmellow

yohgurt to keep them awake

Lots of candies to play with

The Invite

a basket full of treats

Afairy princess waiting on her log

Cups of ice creams with sprinkles not a sin

Tiers of ice cream?
Table setting for girls
Table setting for boys


Angie said...

Waaahhhh.. kerennn bangetttt.. ada jg pesta anak-anak yang seperti ini.. children bday party yang sangat classy.. apalagi liat treats tablenya, banyak bangetttt marshmallow, candys and jelly-nya. ada icecreamnya jg..

Ana said...

kreatif sekali deh. sampe detil2nya pun dipikirkan dgn matang. seringkali pesta anak2 jd pesta para orangtua, tp ini bener2 pesta ultah anak. ditunggu tema2 selanjutnya.

Christine @ Following Phubie said...

Another amazing party! It would be great if you could link it up to my link party By the way, your robot party will be showcased on my blog soon.

Amy Ro. said...

totally extraordinary! I love it all

Christine @ Pure Joy Events said...

Hi Junita, your party was featured today: