Sunday, October 17, 2010

A note from me

Today, Kara Allen from Kara's party ideas announced my robot party is being the winning party feature of the day! Thank alot Kara, I drew so much inspiration from your blog:)

I am aamazed with the fact that my audiences are mostly from United states, (where I have my inspiration from) and other countries like Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Mexico, and of course, Indonesia. It took three months to organize this party and this happened to be my first. Doing robot party was not easy, and the concept of the party is a bit different from the conventional birthday parties we have in Indonesia. I did not use commercial figure like Thomas, barney, Winnie, mickey, or Ben ten. The party supplies also did not help much. I took the plain colored paper cup and paper plate, then glued the robot figure. I finally found the robot ribbon and robot paper from the scrapbook corner. I was jumping and screaming (at heart, thank God I still have self-controlled). From there I worked on my list and focus on the theme.  And this is what I did:

1. The favours: 
 I met  new friends from facebooking and some of them kindly and passionate  enough to help me with some creative ideas. I made some researches about Robot figure and she did some sampling for me. I was so excited to see the result. She is very creative, a mom of two children. So I put check on my checklist for party favours. Look how they stand in your fingers, it looks like little soldiers watching over the party:))  

2. The cupcakes and the cookies 

Again I did alot of research from Kara's, Tom Kats, Amy, for inspirations before I came up with an idea. Then I met this mom of two children, also from facebook. She did excellent job with the cup cakes whipped cream (it taste better than the buttercream, but shorter lifespan) and the robot cookies. If you like the visual, you'll like the taste too!

3. Location: 

I am glad with the location I choose. The guests like the idea of semi outdoor party. The service was good, and they are very flexible for small party like this

4. Photography

I think the photography brought the best part of my presentation. A young and talented photographer. He and his wife will have a baby soon, due on november. good luck with that:) Can wait until she turns one year old!


Felticiouz said...

great job......
kereeeen......many thumbs d buat mu ^^

(andai aku jadi saksi mata di TKP...woow..)

trus, bonus jempol untuk pangambilan gambarnya...foto2nya kayak foto2 di web luar lho say....gak amatiran ni pasti yg motret

kinderplays Toys Rental said...

saya pakai photographer illumoto sis, hasilnya so far memuaskan kok. klik aja link ilumotto untuk lihat portfolio mereka. harganya juga ga terlalu mahal, thanks yah!